Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Eclipse 2019 Planning

Though it might seem early to plan for these things, the reality is that if you have not made plans by now you will find your options limited. While new choices for groups and cruises are still appearing, they are filling fast so get your reservation NOW.

A list of eclipse travel options is presented at the Eclipse-Chasers web site for the 2019 TSE. This list is not a complete list of all options, just the ones I know about.

I am blogging this one though. It was mentioned in a mailing list for eclipse chasers, a 100+ day eclipse cruise out of Japan! Check this out: http://peaceboat.org/english/?menu=82#upcoming

Here is a copy of the message posted by Keiko Chaki of Japan in response to a question about cruises to the longest points of totality:

There is a long voyage from Japan. It is 'Around the world in 104 days' called Peace Boat Cruise. It leaves Yokohama on April 3rd and goes to Asia, Europe, New York, Panama and then the longest eclipse point, Australia and get back to Japan on Aug.1st.   

The website in English above does not have the information of 101st voyage but  you can get more info as follows:

You can find the map and the itinerary in Japanese.

It is only 1.29 million yen, ie, $11,622 USD and up as early discount. Isn't it very reasonable? 
You can cancel for free up to 91 days before departure.
Also it may be possible to join the trip from somewhere on the way such as Panama or Europe. You need some negotiation though and I feel it better to negotiate later because they say the participants who attend fully will be prioritized.

As an FYI, Denise and I will be on the Paul Gauguin cruise for this eclipse. We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and the ship again!

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