Saturday, 16 September 2017

Chaser Log Growth and Changes

Since the August 2017 TSE, the eclipse chasers log has grown with the addition of many first time eclipse chasers. I hope to see each and every one under the umbra someday!

232 people (as of this blog entry) input entries for the August 2017 TSE thus far. Most are veteran eclipse chasers but there are a few for whom this was the first. Just like 1999 and 1991 and 1972 launched a generation of eclipse chasers, 2017 will be pivotal in that regard.

Welcome page to

I have also made some small changes to the programming of the eclipse chasers web site. The eclipse chasers table for "who saw it" has been enhanced with easier to use headings and summary details. There will be some more changes coming soon thanks to the continued input of various eclipse chasers.

Also, due to a small bug or operational issue in the entry of eclipse logs, it was too easy to use the elevation of the default. This was spotted by veteran eclipse chaser Tony Crocker who then went on a search to find the true elevations for those that had used the default value. We did not modify eclipse timings and so forth, just the elevation values. Thanks Tony for the sleuth work! By the way, I should mention that Tony got married at the eclipse to fellow eclipse chaser Liz O'Mara - contrats guys!

I did look into getting the elevation from the Google API however it is too restricted in terms of how many inquiries you can make to the database. Maybe at some later date that can be updated when Google doesn't need to charge so much to cover whatever costs.

On the bad news front, sorry for not updating information and adding cartoons for a while. Hurricane Irma did a direct hit on our place in Florida. We are okay.

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