Monday, 7 August 2017

Two weeks to go!

Now the fun part starts. The actual travel. Some of my friends and fellow eclipse chasers are already underway to the central path. Some of us are getting our suitcases ready. We have only two weeks remaining until the solar eclipse of August 21st.

Tonight the full moon rose in a hazy damp sky. It had been raining for half the day (typical August day here, sunny morning, rainy afternoon). Earlier there had been a partial lunar eclipse. This is typical of "eclipse season". That time when the Moon's inclined orbit intersects with the ecliptic, where the Sun travels in the sky. We call those the nodes. During the times when the nodes (there are two of them) are lined up with the full and new moon, eclipses take place. So it is officially eclipse season.

And in two weeks the best show of eclipse season takes place. A total solar eclipse. There has been some press attention to the matter and soon a full on blitz is going to unleash. News papers, online, TV, social media - it is starting to catch the fever and it will get more and more intense as the time draws closer. Some will be showing the eclipse live from coast to coast on TV and streaming TV. There are to be live eclipse ads and who knows what else. This eclipse may go down as one of the most commercial eclipses ever, more on that later.

93% full - Saturday practice - 1360mm

For now, eclipse chasers can catch a last breath. Double check your equipment, practice, the full moon is perfect for that. It is too early to call the weather of eclipse day, although some do. We need to wait until the day or two before the eclipse to have a better chance of getting any sort of weather prediction right.

The moon is now moving towards the new moon phase.

The total solar eclipse is just two weeks away!

The excitement is already building.

See you under the shadow!

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