Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Most Press Ever?

Of all the eclipses I have gone to, this one is getting the most press. Every news paper along the path, every radio station, every TV station, is seeking out eclipse experts to tell them how cool the eclipse is going to be.

No matter how times you try to describe the experience, it seems to come out either sounding like a religious zealot or very lame. There doesn't seem to be a comfortable in between that I have found.

Maybe that is symptomatic of the eclipse itself. It is intense, it is amazing, it is all those things you have heard plus a lot more. How does one expand on the most powerful words they can come up with except with metaphors and analogies - and even those seem kind of lame.

The following I heard recently and kind of like is that seeing a partial eclipse is like walking past a concert hall where your favorite artist is playing while a total is like having VIP tickets in the front row giving the artist a high-five.

In the next week and a half you will be seeing a lot of eclipse experts on line, on the radio, on TV, and in print. Magazines of all types are writing up material, some have special issues about to come out, and there will be live coast to coast coverage of the eclipse by NASA and others. This is by far the biggest media eclipse I can ever remember, and I am deeply honored to be part of it.

Now, let's have some clear sky coast to coast!

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