Saturday, 25 March 2017

Is your hotel reservation okay?

Update March 27 - Hey check this story out! Oregon Hotels canceling reservations and raising prices under investigation.

Want to hear an eclipse chaser horror story? Imagine making a reservation a year before an eclipse, getting a great rate on a room that the hotelier doesn't know sits in a good location only to find out your reservation did not exist when you called to make a minor modification? The horror! Months before the eclipse, almost every place sold out, outrageous rates for the remaining locations and you don't have a reservation that you thought you had just a few minutes before!

This happened just recently according to a story circulating the web. Kind of makes one nervous. Especially if the story matches in any way with what you have done for reservations. To remove that fear, simply check your reservation with the hotel directly.

The story has prompted some to give up reservations too. So you might want to look into finding out if any cancellations have come in at a place you thought might have filled up earlier. Worth a long shot to check every couple of weeks from now on too unless they tell you they have a waiting list already - at which point join it!

The night before the eclipse could be hectic with people seeking rooms. If you plan to arrive late at your room make sure it will be there when you arrive by calling ahead and requesting a late check in. Most hotels will honor that commitment.

I hope everything runs smoothly though. It will be a great day for many to see a wonderful eclipse of the Sun by the Moon!

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