Thursday, 2 March 2017

Eclipse 2017 - To Photograph or Not (Part 4)

Okay, so you really want to photograph. You have a camera, maybe a camera phone, maybe a DSLR, but you really want some current, relevant details.

Here is the thing, the technology is constantly changing and getting up to date information is almost impossible. If you are going to use a new camera then I can only advise one thing - lots and lots of practice. We still have plenty of lunar views and sunsets (or sunrises) between now and the solar eclipse. So get out there and do some practicing!

Lunar pictures showing full lunar disk are best for eclipse practice.
Practice with the Moon and Earthshine

Now, where to learn as much as possible before the big day... Here are three recommendations.

How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse by Alan Dyer - This eBook is amazing, I highly recommend it. Alan Dyer makes beautiful astronomical pictures and the presentation in this eBook is amazingly simple yet complete. Follow his directions and you can create wonderful images.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse by Fred Espenak - Web page and book reference. Recognized as one of the leading eclipse experts in the world, Fred has put together some useful information for experts and novices. His book, Totality - Eclipses of the Sun, is a great reference and has a detailed chapter about eclipse photography. The web pages of Mr Eclipse and his books are highly recommended.

Photographing Solar Eclipse by Bill Kramer - My own web pages about how to photograph a total solar eclipse. I've seen 16 total eclipses thus far and done some sort of photography at each one. With practice comes knowledge and I tried to share that on the web pages.

Most of what you will find is based on using a DSLR. That is, a larger camera with interchangeable lens. You can use a smart phone, I suppose that should be the next subject.

Know of another good resource? Leave a comment with a link to it!

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