Friday, 24 February 2017

Eclipse 2017 - To Photograph or Not?

Do you want to photograph the eclipse this summer?

In my opinion, if you are asking this question, then don't. Put the camera aside, look through binoculars, maybe even a small telescope, check out the panorama, look and listen - you'll love it!

But if you really want to photograph the eclipse, check out my basic instructions at - they cover the essential information you will want.

Thanks to the Internet you will find plenty of great images to show others. Once you see the eclipse, you will appreciate some of the pictures even more.

You just can't take an image and capture it all. 

Solar Eclipse Totality is surreal. When a total solar eclipse is taking place and you are in the shadow, you have stepped into a new universe where the Sun is shining but not shining. Replaced by a very dark disk, an eerie shine of electric hair surrounds the disk, it looks like an eyeball staring right back at you. Everything is plunged into a strange darkness. A faint amount of light, like the full moon shines from the now dark Sun. The horizons are brighter than overhead with sunset (or sunrise) colors on some.

And you really think you can capture all that metaphoric nonsense with your camera? Professionals try and only catch a bit of it. A single metaphor, at best, at a time. So sit back and enjoy the show.

The very act of taking the image changes the situation.

Taking a picture of something as grand as a total solar eclipse adds a whole new dimension to the problem. You become involved in something that is detracting you from watching the eclipse take place. You will miss out on details, cool stuff, and so on. And of course, you might want to photograph yourself doing all that (a wide angle video showing the eclipse and yourself can be fun, just watch what you say).

Get pictures of people before and after totality.

The most memorable pictures will be those of people right before and after the eclipse takes place. Don't take any pictures during totality unless you MAKE CERTAIN YOUR FLASH IS OFF.

People pictures are highly favored since most eclipse photographers don't have any pictures of themselves. They will be anxious for a trade with you.

Do not miss the eclipse!

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