Thursday, 23 February 2017

Eclipse 2017 Hotels, Motels, Campsites, and so on

Have you found a place to view the solar eclipse in August this year? You want to be along the narrow path of totality, nothing else compares if you have a clear view of the event.

The eclipse is under six months away, the hotels are filled up (well, most of them are) and now it is going to be tricky to find a place. Here are a couple tips.

Look to the biggest cities
There are several very large cities along the path with sections inside the path. See the maps for details - Kansas City, St Louis, Nashville, Columbia, Charleston. Many of these cities will have vacancies open up as the eclipse gets closer and reservations are cancelled. You see, it is not uncommon for eclipse chasers to reserve several hotels for the same night along the path and then cancel out due to favorable weather or offers from other locations.

Ask about long lost relatives
Do you know people along the eclipse path. Take a closer look at that map and see if maybe a distant cousin or uncle may live in or near the zone of totality. Maybe they know of a place to stay or will allow you to couch surf their place (spend the night). The nearer to the path of totality the better since you don't want to get caught up in traffic jams on eclipse morning.

Think again about random camping
Camping sites are going amongst the most difficult to find. Even reserved sites could encounter problems so have a back up plan of a place to stay. Those with camping vehicles may have more options since large parking lot areas can be used with the permission of the owner. That said, I know there are several already taking reservations and charging for the option.

Good luck! Hope to see you under the shadow!

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  1. I will be in my parents backyard, the place I grew up. In the country no less!
    A few miles off of the center but still 2min 19sec of totality.