Saturday, 4 June 2016

Eclipse Nuts - announcement

It is done! My first real "self published" book about eclipses.

And this book is unique. It is unlike any other eclipse book you may have seen before. This is a book of eclipse cartoons poking fun at eclipse chasing and astronomers.

At the most recent TSE in Indonesia a group of eclipse chasing experts were talking about self publishing. As a former author of computer programming books and a long time magazine contributing editor I was very intrigued and joined the conversation. The industry has evolved a lot since the days when I wrote books and at the prodding of two of my friends I started to put together a set of my cartoons (doodles) to be self-published.

The result is Eclipse Nuts.
The cover of Eclipse Nuts - available now from Create Space (an Amazon company).

I like drawing doodles. When inspired by something that strikes a funny nerve in me, I act it out in a doodle.  I have a strange sense of humor. Sometimes I do what I heard or saw directly but most of the time the doodles are an extension of my bizarre way of seeing things. Things like extreme eclipse chasers strapping rockets to themselves do not really exist except in the imagination.

So here is where you can go to buy a copy of the book. 

The e-store and Amazon.Com are the only places you can purchase a copy. They are printed on demand. When you place an order, the machines go to work and produce a brand new copy of the book. It is then sent to you arriving in just a few days.

Over 100 cartoons are included in the book for only US$20 (plus shipping). That is better than 5 cartoons to the dollar that you can enjoy over and over again. I like to use them to answer those standard questions I hear all the time. Somehow a cartoon gets the point across best in many cases. I also use them when doing eclipse lectures to spice up powerpoint presentations.

Once I had a prototype of the book ready, Fred Espenak gave it a look and immediately suggested the name "Eclipse Nuts". It took all of a few seconds for me to like it and that is how the name was born. Originally I had a longer name like "Eclipse Chasers are funny people" however you have to admit, Eclipse Nuts sums it up better.

By the way, I am still creating newer cartoons all the time. If enough copies of this book sell, I will produce another one. The creative juices are not empty. Especially when it comes to my favorite hobby of astronomy and eclipses.

Clear sky!

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