Sunday, 17 April 2016

New Website of Note, EclipseWise

There is a great new website containing eclipse summary information for centuries of eclipses by retired NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak named EclipseWise. Click here to visit.

Fred Espenak used to maintain the primary and very popular website for NASA's eclipse prediction service and now has taken it private, so to speak. Books and more are for sale there to help support his effort (passion).

Just this past week I was updating some of the Javascript utilities for his webpage. A new utility will be presented soon to list cities able to view an eclipse event. The cities are presented in geographic groups and you can add you own city to the list for display (private entries are not saved, at this time).

For those that do not know Fred Espenak, he is a long time guru in the eclipse chasing game. He has seen well over an hour of totality. His presentations about eclipses and his experiences are in high demand and well attended. And he has written some excellent books about eclipses and eclipse chasing that you can find at his web site. One of his earliest publications was a detailed set of tables and maps for eclipses up to the year 2035 that has served as my travel guide since the late 1970s. More recently he produced a canon of eclipses spanning a millennium. That tradition continues although now he has teamed up with others to create awesome books for each major eclipse. Click here to see the 2017 eclipse book, highly recommended!

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