Sunday, 10 April 2016

More web page work, plans for 2017

I added a link from the summary page for upcoming eclipses to the larger map format instead of just the local circumstances. The larger map provides an option for locating an eclipse position by name in addition to coordinates or picking it on the Google Map.

2017 Eclipse Track - bigger map
Another change to the eclipse-chasers web site is the color of the timing for totality duration in the eclipse chaser summary. The color is changed for each five minutes of totality duration seen. At one minute of time the colors go bold as well. If you don't like the color scheme, please let me know. I selected the colors kind of at random and based on how well they showed up against a white screen. Your input is always appreciated.

***2017 Update***
We have been researching options for the 2017 eclipse, as I am sure many others are doing as well. There are numerous resources on the Internet and it can be quite overwhelming to read all the ideas and plans people have been making in anticipation of the eclipse. Although I do find it even more amazing that a lot of people still do not know about the eclipse! Even those living right in the central path of the shadow.

Last week I thought we had a solution in Casper Wyoming but it turned out the hotel had the wrong year for the reservation. We cancelled that opportunity and began an earnest search for another option. Some of the hotels indicated they will not take reservations until one year in advance. I suppose they know they will get a flood of phone calls.

So where are we going? That is a good question. We are still giving serious thought to Wyoming if a place can be found to sleep the night before on the central path. Our second choices vary quite a bit from Nebraska all the way to South Carolina. The reasons vary just as much from good transportation options and accommodations to friends and family located near or in the main shadow path. The thought process continues forward but so far there is nothing concrete in the planning.

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