Saturday, 19 March 2016

Yes, we saw it!

First off, let me apologize by saying Internet access from a cruise ship is expensive and horribly slow.  That is why I did not add any updates since Singapore. Downloading email and responding to just a few reminded me of the 1200 Baud days. For those of you not used to such terms, just think about typing a character on the keyboard and taking a breath or two before it appears on the screen. Kind of hard to do.

Well, as the title says, we saw it! The eclipse was fantastic. A bent streamer about a rolling wave prominence [with helmut] dominated the view near 2nd contact. Nearer to third contact was another, more classic helmut formation in the corona. I used 15x70 binoculars to view the corona and it was amazing as always.

The hand held camera experiment was a success. The image in the viewfinder when the lens was fully extended (1365mm effective) showed corona 5 seconds before 2nd contact with no filter. The camera had difficulty focusing until the last big of photosphere went away. Using manual exposure with fixed aperture (wide open) the exposure range was from 1/2000 to 1/8 of a second.

I will post more pictures soon with some analysis. After flying east from Singapore to Japan to Los Angeles to Ohio things are still in disarray. I am jotting down this blog as a test of the iPad. It will not upload images, fail!

Here is an image I posted to my website eclipse-chasers.

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