Sunday, 20 March 2016

Website updates March 2016

After a long series of flights and airport time I am slowly adapting to time back on this side of the world again. Not that it matters too much, it is just that things are easier to deal with in the daylight when people are at work and so on.

Some updates to the website took place over the past week. Here is a summary.

References - I found several dead links in the references and added a new one. Fred Espenak has created a new site called EclipseWise and it is a cool set of tools for eclipse predictions.

TSE2016 Reports and Images - A summary report, images, and links to other reports are now posted. If you know of a link that should be added, please let me know and I will do it.

Who saw the TSE2016? - Map and list of eclipse chasers who were in the path of the shadow in March 2016.

Cartoons about Eclipse Chasing by Aircraft - A new cartoon lampooning the possible problems of too many eFlights.

Cartoons about Eclipse Chasing by Ship - a new cartoon about the management of eclipse cruises.

I am sure there will be more coming soon.

By the way, during the eclipse of March 9/8 2016 an interesting glitch occurred for those wanting to post results right away. You couldn't. Sorry about that. The reason is kind of amusing, albeit a bit nerdy technical. You see the server for this web site is located in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA. As the eclipse finished and loggers attempted to add data, the system said it was not the right date and that eclipse was not available. This situation lasted for a day and then the eclipse was available. Okay, not that critical, but I will fix it before the next event. Sheesh, that date line thing got my sleep screwed up as well as the eclipse-chasers server programs.

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