Monday, 29 February 2016

Weather in Indonesia

Many thanks to Jay Anderson who posted this link for weather images anybody can understand! The following link will take you to a page for weather around Indonesia with easy to follow instructions and graphics.

As of this morning things are looking very good for the eclipse of March 9th. Of course, weather is what you get and we have a week to wait that out.

From Singapore, the weather is classically tropical. Clouds can be seen up in the sky at all times of day, fast moving, some with a drop or two of rain, however one can say it has been sunny most of the time. In other words, the weather is a tad chaotic and the situation is beautiful. There are no major storm fronts coming our way and even if a stray cloud occludes the eclipse for a few seconds, it will not be a show stopper!

Clear sky for the eclipse is what everyone wants. But I am willing to settle for a mostly clear day with fast moving clouds too.

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