Sunday, 7 February 2016

TSE 2016 Thoughts revisited

This morning I caught the Old Moon rising in the East before sunrise. It was cloudy just a half hour before the picture. As the Moon cleared the trees across the way the orange color of the sunrise was dominating the horizon.

100mm Canon lens attached to Sony NEX5.

400mm Canon lens attached to Sony NEX5. Yes, it is a 100-400mm zoom, nice.
My biggest gripe with the Sony camera is the lack of a remote control to keep vibration to a minimum.  Normally I use the 10 second delay and this works great under normal astro-photo conditions. However a total solar eclipse is hardly normal when it comes to photography. The trade off of ten whole seconds is unreasonable. Even with the 3 shot option it has this annoying orange light flashing on the front the camera. So the 10 second delay is out of the question for the eclipse. That makes the 100-400mm zoom lens questionable even though it can get great images.

Which brings up the option of video. I have gotten some nice green flash videos using the 100-400mm and a tripod. This is of course from a non-moving mount. For the TSE in March 2016 we will be on a moving ship. I don't think video is going to work all that well unless done at a wide angle.

And I really do enjoy looking through binoculars during totality. And gawking around at the horizon, sky, other people, and so forth.

So how about a light tripod, just the camera, in wide angle video, looking around? Hmm....

For the TSE in 2017, I plan to be on solid ground. That is another thing altogether...

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