Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Observing TSE2016 from the Volendam

We cannot be certain of our observing location this far in advance. A lot will be based on the weather of the day. Climate study is in our favor, but this season has had more rain than normal thus far.

Our estimated location can be seen at the map with the Online Solar Eclipse Calculator

What I wanted to know is how far up the Sun will be during totality. The answer is "just over a third of the way up from the horizon". This will allow for comfortable viewing through binoculars and hand held cameras from deck chairs.

The trade off of having more atmosphere (not as close to the zenith) to see through is that mornings tend to be clear in the tropics. We can only hope that the eclipse cooling effect plays into our favor to keep the sky clear.

Weather and climate information is available from eclipse weather expert Jay Anderson online for this eclipse at http://eclipsophile.com/2016-tse/eclipse-day-weather-dashboard/

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