Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Getting closer to decision time

We have been shopping on line and decided to pick up a camera on our way to southeast Asia instead of shopping in Singapore. We will go shopping in Singapore, but not with the need for a new camera. Instead we can look at the newer stuff and consider our 2017 options.

So the decision is to go with the Canon Powershot that can do an amazing 65x magnification without changing lenses. It will be fun to experiment with a new camera while on a cruise around Indonesia. There is so much to see and experience, we are looking forward to it.

For the eclipse, I revert to my original plan and will use binoculars to observe. The camera will be handy for a few snaps when the desire is overwhelming. Our daughter is bring along a GoPro for a wide angle view and claims that her smart phone camera is better than her DSLR. That last item is very interesting as I am quite certain a fair number of people will elect to image the 2017 eclipse using smart phones. Look for some advice on that subject in the near future.

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