Monday, 18 January 2016

Solar Eclipse ISO settings

Getting ready for the next TSE! I will be on board the Volendam in the waters of Indonesia.

Recent experiments with my Sony NEX-5N and sunset have revealed that the ISO setting can greatly change the result of an image. Of course, post processing can clear many of the color and brightness issues up, but keeping it pure and matching what you "see" is the goal.

Here are two recent images taken of the same sunset. Each image is 1/60th of a second with the lens at F/4 and a 0.48x 58mm attachment.

ISO 640 - Sunset mode

ISO 500 - "Intelligent mode"
The third image was shot using manual settings with a much higher ISO. This allows for a much faster exposure, something that is handy when imaging the eclipse sky from a moving/vibrating platform.

ISO 1600 - 1/400 F3.5
We have awesome sunsets here in western Jamaica. Plenty of practice options!

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