Sunday, 24 January 2016

Photography from a Ship

Taking solar eclipse photographs from a moving ship is not easy. In the original cruises, captains shut down the engine(s) and we were bobbing corks in the sea. The waves eventually won of course and the ships would bob along in a somewhat rhythmic pattern.

We were underway for the past few eclipse cruises I've enjoyed. In most cases our course was set to minimize the effects of the sea and using the computer controlled stabilizing fins keep the ship as level as possible. This kind of works. In other cases the course was set to minimize the wind across the deck.

Okay, so here is what I have learned in doing these past cruises. Unless you are willing to bring along a good auto-stable mounting system, you need to think about what other tools are available such as auto-stabilization in your camera. Many modern lenses and cameras offer some sort of anti vibration feature. This works great on the cruise ship as my wife Denise learned in 2009.

A favorite image of ours was made using a 300mm lens and Canon camera, hand held, from the balcony on a moving ship.
Denise Kramer, 2009
This image was one of many, most of which did not come out too good. So another tip is to take a LOT OF PICTURES! Keep clicking and don't count on getting a perfect shot every time.

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