Friday, 13 November 2015

September Lunar Eclipse

This past September there was a lunar eclipse visible in Jamaica and we had partly cloudy sky for the event. My wife and I moved to a new place that has not had Internet available which is why I am tardy in sharing our results. As of this week, we have access and so here is an image from the eclipse.

The image was obtained using a Sony NEX5N attached to a Canon 400mm telephoto lens. And it was cropped to just show the eclipse area.

In the above image we can see the shadow of the Earth as a curve along the right edge of the Moon. Where the lunar surface is brightest there is still some sunlight being reflected back. The orange-red portion of the Moon is illuminated by light from the Sun passing through the Earth's atmosphere.

Of particular interest is the light blue color visible near the upper right. This color shows up better in photographs than with the naked eye.

The light blue color is the result of solar light passing through ozone.

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