Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pre Dawn Planet Show

During the month of October 2015 the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury were all visible in the pre-dawn sky.

Sunrise (and sunset) are excellent times to practice your eclipse photographic set up for wide angle sky views. The colors seen around the horizon match up with those observed during an eclipse. You can experiment with various ASA/ISO and exposure settings to see how your rig behaves. Find the exposure setting that will produce colorful results that also show the brighter planets and stars.

While not welcomed during a total solar eclipse, the clouds do add some drama to the pictures as well as some foreground to establish the setting and/or location. Trees make excellent foreground objects (when far enough away for your camera lens) and can really enhance the image with a stark contrast. Out of focus foreground objects require careful thinking as this distracts from the main image - the sky.

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