Sunday, 8 November 2015

Four months till the next TSE!

In just four short months eclipse chasers will be converging on Indonesia and other places in the Pacific Ocean to view a Total Solar Eclipse. This eclipse will have a greater duration than the eclipse of 2017 across the USA but it much harder to access. Land fall is limited to a few Indonesian islands and mostly crosses the ocean. Cruise ships will be sailing into the path of totality near Indonesia and a few charter vessels will be in the open sea.

One unique opportunity for a few people is a flight out of Alaska that will intersect the eclipse path. Joe Rao of New York has been lobbying Alaskan Airlines to modify a flight departure and with the help of Glenn Schneider has been successful. Flight 870 will attempt an intercept of the shadow path and if all goes well a few lucky passengers will get a great view out the window. We wish them luck.

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