Tuesday, 8 September 2015

TSE 2016 and the International Dateline

The Total Solar Eclipse in March 2016 crosses the International Dateline. For some, this can be a cause of confusion because the eclipse will seem to time travel.

Here is the deal, the eclipse starts on the 9th of March, in the morning, near Indonesia. The path of the eclipse then moves to the EAST and north. As the path moves along towards the East it will encounter the International Dateline. Suddenly the date changes to the 8th of March. The eclipse moved back a day! The eclipse continues through to the EAST and north ending at sunset on the 8th of March.

NUMEROUS WEB PAGES HAVE THIS ALL WRONG! I want to make sure everyone is setting up on the right day for this eclipse.

So here, in simplified cartoon format....

What day should you set up?

Okay, this is confusing!
Can you see the eclipse east of the International Dateline? If you are on an airplane or a ship, yes, it is all ocean.

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