Monday, 7 September 2015

Eclipse photo drones - really?

Tricky landing a drone on a ship
Just a few days ago an interesting question came up amongst eclipse enthusiasts. "Any one planning to use a drone to photograph the eclipse event?"
Leave the drones to the pros
The question about drone usage led to a variety of responses such as "Why do that?" and "I don't want drones flying over head as the eclipse takes place!".

There are plenty of good reasons not to try to fly a drone during totality:

Drones and Eclipses do not mix!
1) You will want to watch the eclipse, not the drone.
2) Might block view of others.
3) Could crash and cause major problems.
4) Drone based cameras are looking at the ground, not the eclipse.

The best use of a drone during a solar eclipse is to capture an image of the crowd before and/or after totality. During totality, keep it on the ground!

If you are a pro drone driver then you should know all the safety rules and considerations. Keep the drone away from large crowds (photograph from a distance), don't try a fly over during totality, be respectful of others, and double or triple check your equipment before use.

In preparation for the 2016 TSE, Paul D Maley and RING OF FIRE EXPEDITIONS have been preparing to try a drone launch from a ship near Guam. He has been working on this plan for over a year and has put together a solution that should work - provided the weather is cooperative. We are all looking forward to the results he gets!
During the excitement of totality the wrong button was pushed

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