Saturday, 5 September 2015

20cm (8") Telescope

For the past six years I have been using my trusty old Quester 3.5" telescope here in Jamaica. It is a great scope,  extremely portable, but really not well suited to prolong exposure in the tropics. The mirror surface has begun to show wear, the finder lost all silvering (thanks to an enthusiastic assistant who was trying to clean it up), and the tracking motors need cleaned. So I moved it back to the States and will be sending it off to Quester for refurb before the 2017 eclipse.

Dark sky when the lights out!
This has left me without a telescope for the interim. After extensive thought and study I have decided to import an Orion 20cm (8") f/5.9 telescope. This scope will work great for public presentations and my own enjoyment as it is portable (about 20 kg, 50#) and should fit in the back of my car.

The sky in Jamaica is very dark, even more so when a power outage is underway. And we live on the coast meaning that I have extremely dark sky to the sea. The wide field (f5.9 with 2" eyepiece) viewing should be sensational!

The scope is on the dock in Miami. Soon it will be on a ship, then in customs, and in a few weeks (before the lunar eclipse) I hope to be reporting on the views. I am looking forward to it!

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