Tuesday, 1 September 2015

2017 - Another road trip report soon come

Eclipse chasers are taking advantage of the open road for the upcoming Great American Eclipse. As I write this Michael Kentrianakis (recently appointed as eclipse project manager by the AAS) and Xavier Jubier (the eclipse maestro) of France are driving across the American western states checking out eclipse viewing sites and educating people along the way. A report of their journey will be appearing in a future Astronomy magazine blog or article. They are driving from Oregon to St Louis and back again. Keep an eye out for them if you are along the path!

If you see this bumper magnet, the vehicle contains eclipse chasers!
Rarely do we get the advantage to thoroughly explore such an immense territory before an eclipse. But because this eclipse traverses the continental USA (from Oregon to South Carolina) there are an abundance of possibilities. And to make things even better, there is a lot of weather data available from airports and towns in and near the path. For those of us that really enjoy studying the climate and options for observation, this eclipse has been the best thus far.

IS there a best place to be? Yes, where ever you can see the eclipse in totality!

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