Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pre-Eclipse 2017: Wyoming

Interstate 25 is the highway we investigated on the eastern side of the mountains. Wyoming is big open sky country and perfect for a solar eclipse before noon in August.

We drove I-25 from the Denver Colorado airport and were inside the eclipse line in about 2.5 hours. This was on a Sunday and coming out of Denise the traffic was somewhat heavy. One can only expect it to be a real snarl on eclipse day.

The mountain tops are visible over the front range on a clear day to the West as you speed up I-25 towards Wyoming. In addition to Denver, other possible places to stay near I-25 are Cheyenne Wyoming, Boulder Colorado, and Fort Collins Colorado. All offer plenty of accommodations.

This area is mostly dry and chances for clear sky are greater than to the East. Higher elevations yield cleaner air and a fantastic view of the corona during totality. For many this visual is highly desired since the corona is simply dazzling.

Driving into Wyoming we first encounter Cheyenne. Going north from there on I-25 signs indicate that gas is not available for another 50+ miles and the road opens up to 80mph. That is, until you encounter some construction.

In the construction zone speeds were reduced to 65mph. Hopefully there won't be much of that going on before the eclipse of August 2017!

Going north we encountered the eclipse southern path edge around Wheatland. I-25 dives deeper into the umbral zone pass the central line around Glendo, Wyoming with a duration of 2m 28s. There is a large lake and state park in Glendo (the town is the southern edge). Several tour groups are already planning to set up in the area as this site offers a wonderful setting.

Turning to the Northwest, I-25 keeps the mountains to the left and follows along the northern half of the central path through the Thunder Basin National Grassland and into Casper (2m26s duration).  Casper sits right on the central path and has many locations from which the eclipse can be viewed. A local article published in 2014 indicated that 50,000+ eclipse chasers are expected in the city for this event.

The corridor from Glendo to Casper offers many splendid observing options, just minimal facilities. From the sounds of it, one can expect to encounter many eclipse chasers in the area. Even this one.

...More random thoughts about TSE2017 to follow...

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