Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pre-Eclipse 2017 Road Trip: Summary thought

After exploring the options in eastern Wyoming, Nebraska, and Missouri I would vote western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming as offering the best opportunities to see the eclipse. This is based on mobility and weather patterns observed.
North Platte towards Wyoming
I-80 North Platte to Lincoln

When accommodations are factored into the equation, North Platte and Grand Island Nebraska offer the best options. Grand Island is on the central part of the path so travel may not be needed if there the night before the eclipse. North Platte is on the southern edge of the totality path and will appeal to some for that very reason. Travel from North Platte deeper into the central path will require an early start as these routes are expected to be congested.

For those of us from Ohio, Missouri is appealing for several reasons. Travel time is reduced to one full day before the eclipse by car. The interstate highway system provides several routes to get out from any weather on eclipse day even though they are expected to be congested. The weather patterns in Missouri were identical to Ohio so those already familiar with those conditions will be comfortable. There many places to stay along the eclipse path with Columbia MO offering a position just off the central line of the path.

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