Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pre-Eclipse 2017 Road Trip: Landscape Photography

During totality, around noon in Nebraska, the Sun will be 65 degrees above the horizon. That is two-thirds of the way to overhead. To capture any sort of ground with the eclipse will require a large FOV (field of view). The iPhone, used to capture most of the images in this blog, has a FOV of about 55 degrees. This shows plenty of landscape but would not include the eclipse unless multiple exposures are combined.

iPhone image out front window.
The field of view of a wide angle camera such as a GoPro (about 120 degrees) will capture the country side and the eclipse if angled correctly. Of course, the corona and eclipse are reduced to a small image size, but the atmosphere could be quite interesting.

We mused about the notion of placing a wide angle camera atop one of the wind mills to capture the racing shadow across the acres and acres of corn.

Modern windmills are very tall
To catch the shadow approaching on video one wants to be high up. And if the terrain is rolling, then up on a hill. Church steeples, hilltops, very tall buildings, and even silos can make for dramatic mounts. Now, getting a camera up there is another issue.

...More random thoughts about TSE2017 to follow...

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