Friday, 14 August 2015

Pre-Eclipse 2017 Road Trip: Kramer, Nebraska

While studying maps for our road trip I stumbled upon the town Kramer, Nebraska. Located near the town of Crete, Nebraska (to the southwest of Lincoln) one finds the little town of Kramer (population 39). Kramer falls inside the path of totality with a duration of 2m27s with mid eclipse at 12:02 local time. At just after noon the Sun will go out!
Kramer Nebraska
Taking the SR103 exit we headed towards Crete. The road was paved and mostly empty. A few trucks  of various sizes cruised the road but for the most part we had the road to ourselves. There were farm houses back from the road dotting the country side, but most of the land was full of corn.

SR103 going South
Following our GPS we drove right to Kramer, Nebraska. A quiet, treed area where the paved road ended and the gravel/dirt road started.

Road past Kramer is gravel/dirt
But I must be honest, it was not just the name Kramer that attracted us to this location. When we zoomed in on the map, Google revealed there was a business there named "Kramer Bar and Grill". Now this was too much to pass up.

Turns out it was a real place and it was even open when we arrived mid afternoon. Unfortunately we had missed the grill time (11am to 1pm) so we could not sample the cuisine but we did get a chance to talk with one of the owners.

The town of Kramer has a population of only 39. There are no Kramers left and I was asked what I knew about my name's history. I replied that it is a common German name since it means the owner or operator of a corner store. Like many common names, it is derived from the trade of an ancestor when they arrived in the USA or was selected because it was a common name.

Wearing my Great American Eclipse t-shirt "Where will you be..." I asked if they knew about the upcoming total solar eclipse. They knew it was coming in a couple years but that was it. So I left them with some materials and told them this location was one of several we will give serious consideration on eclipse day. That will be dependent on weather of course.

Turning to exit I was surprised to see a Corona St sign on top of the door. While this sign is a promotion for the beer, it also happens to be a really great reason to step outside this door a little before noon on the 21st of August 2017. At that time, on that date, at that location, barring clouds, one can see the corona for real!

Corona through this door!
...More random thoughts about TSE2017 to follow...

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