Saturday, 22 August 2015

Eclipse Weather - the days before

Climate analysis ends as the eclipse date gets closer and you are in the best position possible. Now it becomes important to study the weather reports. And dream about clear weather, no matter what it takes!

When Eclipse Chasers Daydream
Positioning oneself on the central path the day (or two) before brings about peaceful sleep when the weather is favorable. You know that the next morning will be sunny and clear, and that the eclipse will be seen. On the other hand, unless you have a back up plan and are ready to implement it, bad weather can cause restless sleep - or no sleep at all as you reposition.

No one can tell you with absolute certainty what the weather will be until just hours before the eclipse. Even then, the cooling effect of the lunar shadow on the Earth's atmosphere may make things behave in a different way.

Do you have one that can forecast weather?
Here's a tip for dealing with the cooling effect. Pay attention to how the weather changes in the region of interest at sunrise and sunset. Sunset kind of mimics the shadow cooling effect. If clouds typically form around this time, then the location in question may not be the best as the eclipse comes on.

You can practice your weather predicting, especially now that the eclipse is just under two years away. Look at the weather maps and satellite views today. Try to predict where it will be clear along the eclipse tomorrow or in two days. Then check to see if you are right. A little practice goes a long way.

************************ If the eclipse had occurred yesterday ********************
We had clear sky along the majority of the eclipse track for August 21, 2015. If the eclipse took place then a lot of us would have rejoiced in the weather! Of course, past performance does not indicate future performance. We have two years to wait.

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