Friday, 21 August 2015

Eclipse 2017 - Two years to wait!

Oh Wow!
Two years from today the Sun will go out in the continental USA. 
1806 - Tecumseh and the Eclipse

Not quite all of Sun will go out. Actually, just about a hundred mile sliver of the continent will see totality. The sliver is from Oregon all the way to South Carolina! Some major cities are in the path, or at least close to it, if not a quick drive then maybe a day, some a bit longer... but you get the point!

Don't worry, we've known about this upcoming event for a long time. And in case you are concerned about this prophesy, don't be, the Sun will "turn back on" in just about two minutes (over 2 and half minutes near maximum). Also, keep in mind that the totality is visible along a very narrow swath inside the lower 48 of the USA. The rest of the continental states will see a partial eclipse.

This weekend, the AAS is holding a workshop to help educators and eclipse enthusiasts prepare. Details can be found at

You need to see this event. If you live in the USA and have never seen a total solar eclipse, this will be the one for you to see.

  • August - Summer vacation, nice weather.
  • Oregon to South Carolina - narrow path crosses entire continent.
  • Easy transportation - got a car? Got a friend who has a car?
  • Weather - typically nice weather expected, unless there is a storm.

Web sites: The following web sites are very useful in terms of planning, information, and details related to the eclipse of August 2017.

Some fun USA solar eclipse facts:

Cool article about the "Great American Eclipse" coming in 2017!

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