Saturday, 11 April 2015

Updates and a Partial Lunar Eclipse

Webpage Changes
I have been busy making some changes to the web site. Stamps from the Faroe Islands and Svalbard have been added to the collections, images and reports from the recent solar eclipse across those areas are in the gallery for TSE 2015, and a new navigational tool has been added to most of the web pages.

Navigation Tool added to most web page mast heads.

Using a desktop or laptop hover over the entries to see the fly out menus grow to the left. Click on one of the options to go directly to that page.

Let me know if there are any platform specific problems. So far this has been tested using Safari and Chrome on the Macintosh and Safari on the iPad.

Partial Lunar Eclipse
Other eclipse related news is that a partial lunar eclipse was visible from the beaches of Negril Jamaica just the other day. We had a lovely clear sky as the Moon set in partial eclipse.

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