Sunday, 8 February 2015

Eclipse chasing in the Arctic?

This March, a total solar eclipse takes place in the North Atlantic. Land viewing locations are limited. The Faroe Islands (between Ireland and Iceland) are a good place to visit, but the weather is a gamble. Another landmass that enjoys totality is Svalbard. This location is more difficult to reach and even more difficult to get accommodation - it is not a tourist destination under normal circumstances.

I am NOT going to this eclipse. Not by land, by sea, nor in the air. There are still some vendors with space available if this sort of eclipse travel sparks an interest. The thing is, the weather is not favorable. Thus the best bet is in the air. And chasing eclipses from the air is an expensive proposition. Flights will be coming in from the UK, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, and Iceland. We can only hope they collide!

Even though I will not be there, I can still have fun with the idea of being there. A suite of cartoon/comics about eclipse chasing in the cold are presented online at - enjoy and if you are going, best luck!!