Friday, 7 November 2014


We had a lot of fun at the Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC2014) in New Mexico, USA. The Sacramento Peak Observatory opened their doors to us for a two day pre-conference and to observe the partial solar eclipse. Very clear sky up on the mountain and great presentations made for the perfect venue to kick off the eclipse conference.
Sacramento Peak National Solar Observatory, partial solar eclipse watching!

The last two days of the conference were in Cloudcroft NM, a resort town near Sacramento Peak. More presentations and discussion took place highlighting current trends in eclipse photography, various projects underway, solar science, and planning for the next eclipses.

The web pages for the conference are being actively updated to include presentation materials such as powerpoint and pdf files from the various presenters. The on going support is appreciated!

Also, keep an eye out! Soon the SEC2018 details will begin to appear.

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