Wednesday, 10 September 2014

No Hawaiian Sailing for 2016

What a bummer. The ship plan to sail out of Hawaii to intercept the 2016 TSE has fallen through. There were just not enough people willing to sign up that far in advance. In all fairness, it was quite a gamble. The Pride of America is a big ship and holds lots of people. NCL was kind enough to give it a chance, but it just didn't materialize. The goal was to have half the ship booked by the beginning of the calendar year and that just does not seem possible.

So keep you eyes out for other opportunities. The waters south of Midway Island present the best chances for a clear view of the eclipse from a cruise ship. Problem is, very few ships sail that route.

The next best chances for eclipse chasers will near the start of the path on land. Let me know if you have a tour group or plans in place. Over 300 signed on for the cruise ship before it was given up, there is interest!

There are other options, just not from Hawaii. See Solar Eclipse 2016 detail page for listing.

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