Friday, 31 January 2014

More 2016 Solar Eclipse planning

The total solar eclipse in 2016 is best observed from a moving platform such as a cruise ship. Land based observations will be hampered by travel requirements and the climate which indicates a high potential for clouds on eclipse morning (the only major land fall for this eclipse is near the start of the path).

I am going to be on board the Pride of America, chartered exclusively to see this eclipse. The Pride of America is a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship that normally does week long cruises around the Hawaiian Islands. Due to the proximity of the islands to the eclipse path this is an excellent choice. Details can be found at

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Eclipse 2016 Planning

Anyone who has studied the path of TSE2016 knows there are challenges to viewing it. Land based observations are very limited and fall in difficult to reach areas of Indonesia. (See Eclipse March 2016 information)

A few months ago I learned about a possible charter cruise out of Hawaii for the eclipse and contacted the organizers. They were attempting to gain the charter but were running into difficulties with the cruise line and getting corporate advertising support. At first it appeared they had given up on the concept but then later I was contacted that they were going to give it a try. They need to book as many cabins as possible at this time to achieve the charter.

If you are seriously thinking about the best option in getting to this eclipse, consider the cruise presented at Berman Astronomy Tours and send in a deposit soonest to secure your cabin. I will be there.

No Total Solar Eclipse in 2014, but …

There isn't a total solar eclipse this year, but there is something special going on. The Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC) will take place in New Mexico. It is scheduled to coincide with a partial solar eclipse that will be visible in the area two days before the main conference takes place.

Details about the conference can be found at

Participants in the SEC will be treated to a series of lectures and social gatherings, all focused on solar eclipses. Lectures range from the deeply scientific to exotic travel to the latest trends in eclipse mapping, education, and planning.

I will be there! Hope to see you there too.