Monday, 23 September 2013

Travel to Africa

I wish I was going with you.

Having been to Africa on several eclipse expeditions, here is some packing advice as you prepare yourself for a grand adventure.

Clothing: Pack light and loose clothing. You want it to breath and you will want to wear layers. During the evenings and nights it can be chilly. Select colors that are natural in order to blend in better on those days you are on safari.

Equipment: Beyond your camera rig, bring binoculars. The sky above will be awesome on clear nights when you are away from the cities. Also, they help when seeing animals in the distance.

Bring old clothing that you can leave behind. Buy new stuff while there and fill your luggage. The donated clothing will go a long way in making someone quite happy.

Clear sky! Bill

Monday, 20 May 2013

ASE 2013

The annular solar eclipse (ASE) in May 2013 presented a unique opportunity for those positioned along the path in Australia where the eclipse started. The opportunity was to see (photograph) the eclipsed Sun rising. Even though an annular eclipse is nothing compared with a total eclipse, capturing a view or image at sunrise spectacular based on the images shared by eclipse chasers. Several traveled a great distance for the event. And that was a gamble. Viewing an eclipse near sunrise or sunset requires clear sky not only above you but also along the horizon. While many encountered some clouds (some will say it added to the drama) the images appearing online are amazing.

Thanks to all that sent in images. They can be viewed at the following URL.

Also, a brilliant video was created through a team effort of Colin Legg and Geoff Sims which can be seen here.

If you have images to share, please send them to