Friday, 12 October 2012

Packing for the Eclipse (Eclipse Cartoon)

(c)2012 Bill Kramer
Packing for an eclipse trip is a balancing act. You need to take along extra clothing and the airlines impose weight and bag count limits. I recommend carrying on all the optical equipment and cameras. The tripods and mounts can be packed. Just keep in mind that you will want a change of clothes. This is especially true when going to an eclipse by cruise ship where dining is semi formal.

Tip: Use clothes to wrap the equipment in the suitcase instead of bubble wrap or foam. Cases are not needed when the contents are wrapped carefully and placed well in the luggage.

Tip: If you have really advanced equipment, leave the inspector a clear diagram and note informing them what everything is. You might also include your cell phone number should they have any questions. The note can be placed in the luggage near the top.

Tip: Your expensive optics and cameras are NOT safe going through checked luggage. Think of them as jewelry and carry them on.

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