Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Eclipse Photography

One of the most frequently referenced sections in www.eclipse-chasers.com is the Photography section. Some time ago a request was made to convert that information into a portable document and this past month I've been learning about ePub documents while working with the web site contents. The result is a new book you can download to your tablet computer (such as an iPad). If you get a chance to download and read it, please let me know if you find anything missing or incorrect. One advantage of creating this as an ePub is that I can continuously update it as new information is learned.

eBook for tablet computers
Here is a direct link to the ePub document.

You can visit my newest web page (http://www.eclipse-chasers.com/eBooks.html) for hosting this (and other) documents where you will find PDF as well as ePub files. PDF is not as fancy looking but it contains the same information.

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