Friday, 18 May 2012

Weather Prospects

As we get even closer to eclipse day, weather watching becomes important. A web site devoted to weather models and information for the eclipse was put together by expert eclipse chaser Jay Anderson. You can find links to various tools and images from satellites showing cloud fronts at that site.

Watching local weather reports the day before the eclipse can sometimes be helpful. Most weather reporters are simply reading the script provided by some of the weather models and data centers in Jay's list. In all my eclipse chasing experiences only one weather reporter hit the nail on the head. That was back in 1999, in Germany, where the local weather report was horrible. There were a few patches of blue sky - but they were very few. Most of the sky was cloud. The cheerful weather reporter from Munich stated that the holes in the clouds could allow those that are lucky to see the eclipse - and we were indeed quite lucky!

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