Monday, 28 May 2012

Preparing for Travel (again)

Here we go again. Off to another location to view an astronomical event. This time, the Transit of Venus.

The Transit of Venus is a "Not To Be Missed" event that is not very spectacular, just rare. There will not be another Transit of Venus until the year 2117. That's over 100 years from now in case you missed seeing that extra one in the year date.

We are going to Polynesia. The Paul Gauguin cruise ship leaves Saturday from the island of Tahiti. On Tuesday, when the Transit of Venus is visible, we will be on the island of Bora Bora with a small suite of telescopes. I will be the on board astronomy expert.

So now we are packing in preparation to leave soon. Or more correctly, Denise is packing. I've already packed the telescope and camera gear. Since returning from California there has not been a clear sky and the equipment never got completely unpacked.

Our telescope collection will include my 40mm Coronado solar telescope and a pair of Orion Dobsonian mount reflectors equipped with solar filters. I will be running the telescope show and assisted by Denise and several crew members of the ship.

The proposed set up location is at the tendering dock where cruise ship passengers embark and disembark. While waiting for the tenders they can take a look through the telescopes and see this very rare event take place.

The location will allow us to see the ingress shortly after noon. Egress will not be visible as the Sun will have set beforehand. Hopefully we can get some good timings of the ingress event to share with others at and

Clear sky!

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