Thursday, 17 May 2012

Out of solar filters?

If you waited until the last minute to try and find some solar filters for the annular solar eclipse or transit of Venus, you may have waited too long. As a favor to someone overseas who I will join for the transit, I was trying to find some material to construct simple solar filters for 10" and 12" telescopes, but could not locate any with ease.

After much asking around, I contacted High Point Scientific and they reported a few sheets left. With luck, they will arrive before we depart for the transit.

Joe Cali has written an excellent tutorial of how to construct a solar filter mount using thin solar filter film. Using foam board for large telescopes may be a bit excessive - I suspect we will use cardboard or what ever we can find on board the ship - and duct (gaffer) tape - the astronomer's best friend when it comes to securing filters to the tube.

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