Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't do it yourself (2)

Some more solar filter myths that need busted!

1) Mylar blankets - some solar filters are made from Mylar materials. Mylar is a trademark of DuPont (more information) and not all things called Mylar are exactly alike. Mylar solar filters contain additional protection. This means you should not use Mylar unless it is designated as a solar filter!

2) Blank CDR - while mostly opaque these devices are not suitable solar filters. They allow radiation through that can damage your eyes. Don't use them, get some solar filter glasses instead.

3) Stacked sunglasses - are not a suitable solar filter. Not only is the view distorted, there is a chance of eye damage. Use solar filter glasses instead.

4) Welder's glasses - shield a lot of the visible light but not the radiation in the ultraviolet or infrared. These glasses are okay for a short glimpse of the eclipsed Sun but not for prolonged viewing. And they should never be used with optics such as a telescope, binoculars, or zoom lens.

You only get one pair of eyes. Keep them safe, use the proper viewing methods.

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