Sunday, 20 May 2012

Blue Sky

There is nothing quite like the good feeling an eclipse chaser has when waking up to a blue sky near the eclipse viewing location. We are in northern California and it looks like we will have a good view of the eclipse so long as we stay near Redding. Further north looks dicey at this point in time when using the satellite to see where the clouds are moving.

Nearest clear sky clock I could find for our location is Cottonwood. It is showing a favorable model, but the time for models is done - now is the time to be checking the sky and using satellite views to look over the horizon.

Our plans are to be at the Lake Shasta Dam however; we've heard that might be a very popular destination. We have had at least one person in the group voice the opinion that staying on the hotel grounds will be fine. The last annular eclipse I saw, we did just that - in 1994 in Toledo Ohio. Of course, Toledo Ohio doesn't offer the potential views of mountains over a lake. Location to be determined soon.

As a note to anyone looking to buy solar filters today - forget it. Unless you know someone with extras, just plan on borrowing a filter for a quick view or watch the shadows under the trees.

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