Thursday, 26 April 2012

Transit of Venus Cartoons

A couple of cartoons about the Transit of Venus and solar observing are presented below. These were drawn for fun and are not artistic in any way.

Babylonian Astronomer busy writing up the evening's observation report misses the transit of Venus across the disk of the Sun on a hazy morning. 

Mayan astronomers are summoned to explain a big round dot on the solar disk. It was not an eclipse of the Sun nor was it a cloud - best guess was a big round bird.

Sailors in some bronze age ship notice a dot against the Sun as it sets over the water. This leads to a philosophical debate about the nature of the solar system and because the captain is a 'geocentrist' they decide not to report the observation.

In 1761 there was a world war going on. Astronomers had a problem getting around the national interests and often found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

DO NOT STAND or put anything near the eyepiece when no filter is in place.

A French astronomer in Siberia. They thought his equipment was causing the unseasonable rains and subsequent flooding. Of course, he wanted clear sky for his observations. This is based on a true story where soldiers had to be called in to quiet a potential riot.

Fr Hell of Austria went to Norway to watch the transit of Venus in 1769. He spent about a year there getting his equipment ready. You know it is cold there.

Ancient archers take credit for putting a hole in the Sun.

All cartoons by Bill Kramer. All rights reserved.

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